Flavors & Pricing

Every Cookie Foundry cookie is custom designed for you to your specifications.  Please contact me for a personalized quote if you are interested in specialty designs. All cookies start at $30 per dozen, however more intricate designs may quote higher due to the skill level/time involved.

SUGAR COOKIES (Gluten Free*):

  • These are a lovely gluten free sugar cookie, like the ones at the grocery store in the clamshell packaging, usually with buttercream frosting. They also make excellent royal icing decorated cookies! My gluten-eating clients as well as my gluten-free clients rave about them. This is the cookie I make for my family events… the baker’s favorite?
    • *My gluten free cookies are made in a “traditional” kitchen so there is a slight chance of cross-contamination. I make every effort to minimize this risk by throughly wiping down all machinery and tools. I recommend them if you are a “dietary choice” gluten free consumer, but I would NOT recommend them for severe gluten allergy consumers such as those with Celiac disease because of this minimal risk. 


  • A delicious traditional cookie, ready for any event, suitable for all tastes, and extremely versatile! My traditional sugar cookie is very buttery in flavor, and resembles a shortbread cookie.


  • Perfectly fudgey and loaded with chocolate flavor, these cookies are a softer version of the crispy edge of a delicious brownie! A perfect treat for the chocolate lover in your life.


  • The perfect Christmas-time flavor! Perfect to come in from the cold and have with a cup of hot coffee or cocoa.

I’m proud and super excited to announce that these cookies can also be made dairy-free by using Earth Balance Soy-Free butter flavored sticks, with no additional charge! By using this alternative to butter, it makes my GF cookies gluten free, soy free, AND dairy free. They have gotten rave reviews, and even my “gluten-eating” customers love them.

Stay tuned, I’m hoping to develop more gluten free cookie flavors!

I would love to be able to offer egg-free sugar cookies, and while I can make the cookies themselves egg-free, the icing I use is egg white based. You definitely have the option to go with a buttercream frosting, however that frosting does not “dry” like my others and can not handle very warm temperatures (i.e., outdoors in the Texas summertime). Designs are more limited with buttercream, but I would be happy to try an accommodate requests for them! Contact me to discuss these options.

Additional charges apply for the following:

  • Intricate and complex designs
  • More than three colors per dozen (white is always free)
  • Fancy additions such as luster dust, sanding sugar, edible pearls, airbrushing, etc.
  • Cookies requiring hand cutting. I try my best to find a cookie cutter to meet your needs, many can be repurposed to multiple designs. I sketch out a plan and can let you know if I have something that will work for your request.
  • Anything else that requires additional time or supplies.

All cookie orders come packaged in a traditional bakery-style box. Royal iced cookies are individually sealed for freshness,  however buttercream topped cookies can not be heat sealed due to the softer nature of the icing.